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Welcome to Brony Drama Recorded! The attempt of this blog is to keep an archive of Brony Drama from around the net. Keep in mind that this is not a blog that will just attack Bronies for liking the show its main purpose of this blog is to document the best drama that Bronies have been capable of for the past 3 years. Be it good or bad. If you wish to add something please add it! This blog and its mods (try to) take a neutral standpoint on all issues and listens to what everyone has to say!
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Rest in peace, hub network. 

welp this sucks  more than when toonami was cancled.

What are you all on?

I call fake because I can’t read the full story. Bring on the facts, or this won’t be believed.

Okay. Here you go.

Equestria Daily as well.

(via mlpdaily)


Well for those who’ve been to EQLA and had a good time, sorry to bring the bad news.


And also a reason (Possibly more) of why EQLA is shutting down.


EqD Article:

-Mod Sly