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Welcome to Brony Drama Recorded! The attempt of this blog is to keep an archive of Brony Drama from around the net. Keep in mind that this is not a blog that will just attack Bronies for liking the show its main purpose of this blog is to document the best drama that Bronies have been capable of for the past 3 years. Be it good or bad. If you wish to add something please add it! This blog and its mods (try to) take a neutral standpoint on all issues and listens to what everyone has to say!
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    The sick mind in me wants to see those photos. But at the same time I’d rather not. This absolutely disgusts me. I’ve...
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    That GIF says it all. But yes. This XJ9 guy decides to post nudes of his girlfriend all because she chose a character...
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    Yeah, and of course he was also trying to dictate who she could talk to. On his facebook first he was calling her a...
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    f—k-no-my-little-pony: THAT’s why he posted nudes of her?! Over a fucking character?! …The amount of stupidity from this...
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    ….. That is….. That’s just….. What the fuck is wrong with him????
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    Mulp: There was no relationship problem. He got mad at her for choosing a character he didn’t like on LOL. So he posted...
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    That son of a bitch. No guy (OR girl) should EVER do this because of something so stupid.
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    The fuck did I just say this morning Fucking bronies
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