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Welcome to Brony Drama Recorded! The attempt of this blog is to keep an archive of Brony Drama from around the net. Keep in mind that this is not a blog that will just attack Bronies for liking the show its main purpose of this blog is to document the best drama that Bronies have been capable of for the past 3 years. Be it good or bad. If you wish to add something please add it! This blog and its mods (try to) take a neutral standpoint on all issues and listens to what everyone has to say!
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As of 3:00 EST, the infamous MLP Fan-Tumblr, […] "Ask Princess Molestia" is gone. The url returns a notification, that there is nothing to find. 



"Ask Princess Molestia" has recently been the target of a campaign known as "Down With Molestia", spearheaded [pinkiepony] who notoriously [has been fighting rape cluture and JJ’s blog], as she has stated many times in her postings.


Assuming the following transcript is true, there may be larger and even more nefarious forces at work beyond [DWM]. […]


[I will keep this post updated] (via HORSE-NEWS)


It is pretty clear at this point that JJ has shut it down for good and it was due in part to Hasbro sending a C&D. (Here is another link supporting this conclusion)

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    Posts like yours are exactly how people like her get support.
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    Censorship is still alive and well I see. Take a bow DWM. What’s next on your agenda? A book burning maybe? Let us know...